FAQ’s – No Packed Lunches

  • Why was this decision made even though government haven’t specifically advised it and School and other settings are continuing with packed lunches?
  • There are 2 reasons behind our decision to stop packed lunches. The first being COVID19, following our own risk assessments to protect our staff and children during the pandemic we decided to restrict the items being brought in from home. Any items brought into the nursery from home could contain the virus, so the more we minimise items from home, the less likely we were to spread the virus. The 2nd being allergen control, it enables us to be able to control and monitor allergens effectively as we know exactly what ingredients goes into the meals we provide.
  • I am worried my child will not eat nursery lunches and won’t like them whether these be hot or cold and they will go all day without a meal. Can I still bring in their own lunch?  
  • There is the option, with a letter from a health professional such as a Health Visitor for parents to provide their own food for children with severe allergies; complex food needs or additional needs that result in food aversions. If children have specific things that they like and do not meet the criteria to bring their own packed lunch we would then ask the parents for a list of foods that their child would eat, and then a separate plate can be prepared for those children with foods that we are able to provide that matches our healthy eating ethos and the list of foods provided.
  • My child has 2 year old funding and I cannot afford the £3 a day as they are fully funded and and I don’t currently pay anything towards their nursery space. Do I have to pay?
  • We would suggest that your child attends sessions that are not over the lunch period – then they will not incur a charge. 8-12 or 1-6.
  • If a child is on a payment plan and they are fully 2 year old funded. The agreement was she could still attend but there would be no extras, however now she will be charged £3 per day accruing more debt.
  • We would suggest that your child attends sessions that are not over the lunch period – then they will not incur a charge. 8-12 or 1-6.
  • What meals will be ordered as standard?
  • If your child has always had packed lunches from home, a cold lunch will be ordered by default unless you book otherwise.
  • What is the weaning menu option?
  • Weaning meals will also be available at a daily rate of £1.50, this follows the same format as the meals for older children and will remain the same regardless how many meals are booked.
  • What if my child is on the autistic spectrum and likes a particular bowl/particular texture or type of food?
  • Ideally please have 2 of these, and bring us the bowl that he/she insists on, to keep at nursery rather than bringing it in and out from home each day.  And please give us as much detail as possible on what your child eats and we will make sure we have these types of food as well as our normal menu available, and provided it is healthy food (eg not if its chocolate or sweets, and not if its an allergen, but yes if it’s a sandwich with a healthy spread).  This also gives us the opportunity to work on expanding your child’s options as they are often prepared to try more things with children around them doing so.

We hope this information has helped, if you would like to find out more please discuss with your Nursery Manager the options that are available to support your child’s needs.

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