Fruit at work

Hadland Care Group, the umbrella company for Tops Day Nurseries and Aspire Training Team, has recently started a new initiative- fresh fruit delivered delivery to colleagues!

A recent international survey found that the over a third of employees keep a stash of snacks in their office drawer. Maybe unsurprisingly, the snack of choice was biscuits!

At Tops Day Nurseries, we offer our children a no added sugar menu of wholesome, healthy meals- so why don’t we offer the same to our team members? Well now we do!

There are several compelling reasons why we should eat fruit at work, and it’s not just about our overall health. Of course, fruit is a much healthier option than biscuits, but there are other reasons why it’s an office top performer;

  • Fruit stimulates the memory: although it’s not clear why, it has been proven that consuming fruit on a regular basis can help your brain recall information faster and more easily.
  • Fruit makes you feel better: people who are frequently depressed have been shown to lift out of their depression, slowly but surely, when they eat fresh fruit on a regular basis.
  • Fruit helps prevent obesity and high blood pressure: with an office job, it’s easy to find yourself much less active than you should be. Fruit contains natural fibre, which is a known preventative of obesity and high blood pressure.
  • Fruit improves colleague moral and wellbeing: companies that place a priority on their colleagues’ health and wellbeing often report higher levels of company morale
  • Fruit has no bad cholesterol: pick up a piece of fruit instead of reaching for those biscuits and give yourself a treat that is 100% free from all bad cholesterol.
  • Fruit helps hydrate your body

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