Oh we do like to be beside the seaside…


Baby Grows Day Nursery in Gillingham has recently created a brilliant seaside role play area after receiving a lobster pot, lobster and rocks! When it comes to role play in the early year’s sector, imagination is a powerful tool which, as we know, is instinctive in some children but can need encouraging in others.

At Tops Day Nurseries, we provide children with the opportunity to develop their imagination. In order to accomplish this, we have designated role play areas to support the children’s need to explore their real life or imaginary worlds.

The role play area has been designed to capture the imagination of the children, allowing them to pretend the boat that sits in the lovely nursery garden is in fact out at sea. The blue flags surrounding the boat portrays the ocean and the rocks the sea shore. A small sign points in the direction of the ‘beach’, just behind the lobster pot that was kindly given to the nursery for the children to explore and learn more about.

Imaginative play not only aids intellectual development but also improves children’s social skills and their creativity. All nurseries within the Tops family provide role play areas for the children to explore, to find your local Tops Day Nursery please click here.


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