Hadland Care Group welcome a new Director.

Hadland care group

We would like to announce that Jeff Everett has recently been promoted to the position of Commercial Director within Hadland Care Group!


Jeff joined Hadland Care Group in September 2014 as a project consultant and since then has played a significant part in developing several projects to reduce energy and contractual costs across the business.  Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge to the Commercial Director role from his years previously at Travis Perkins.  He worked there for 25 years gaining and developing his experience in systems and administration, as well as learning and development as project manager.


More recently Jeff has led and rolled out Green initiatives across the company in line with the Green Position Environmental Action (Green Pea).  Since joining Green PEA at the beginning of this year we have already made significant changes to reducing our carbon footprint.


One of the biggest changes that Jeff has introduced has been the fitting of fuel-saving magnets to every gas boiler and water main across each nursery, as well as the Hadland Care Group Head Office.  These magnets are supplied by a company called Green Wing and work to make gas burn hotter, therefore more efficiently resulting in not only lower energy costs but also cleaner energy being emitted.  The magnets work on the water mains by reducing limescale; making the equipment last longer.  The magnets are not only suitable for us as a business, but also for residential users, with some noticing hundreds of pounds worth of savings each year…imagine what you could do with that!  We have secured a discount for our parents to have these installed in your home.  To find out more you can contact Jon Cullum at Green Wing on 01202 523088 and quote “HCG”, or to find out more about how other people have saved money, visit their website www.greenwinguk.com.


The magnets are not Jeff’s only success story as he has also led to us re-programming our printer settings, changing the heat controls to more appropriate times and temperatures and installing more timers across our equipment.  All these changes have been made to ensure we are maximising our energy usage, and any savings we make can be re-invested into more energy efficient equipment such as occupancy and daylight sensors, LED light bulbs opposed to fluorescent, draught excluders where necessary and we can also replace any outdated equipment; all projects Jeff plans to have actioned in the coming months.


Our annual Manager’s Conference in May focussed on all of the progress we have been making across the nurseries, with Jeff updating the teams, as well as a number of green games being played to test our knowledge!  The Managers all came away from the conference eager to continue our success, and we’re keen to have all our staff and parents looking to the future on how we can find new ways to become more energy efficient.

We look forward to working with Jeff to continue our Green initiatives, improving and implementing ways for the company to reduce unnecessary costs, to work smarter and to be more efficient.

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