Have you noticed our neutral walls?

Neutral walls

Have you noticed the number of nurseries with brightly coloured walls?

Primary colours are often a favourite, bringing bright splashes of colour to the children’s rooms… But research shows that having a neutral colour on the walls enhances young minds to develop and get more from their learning, while lots of bright colours can be overwhelming for children.

Neutral colours on the walls can create a neutral, calming and nurturing environment where your child can focus on learning through play, instead of being side-tracked by the bright distractions around them.

The theme continues with some nurseries choosing bright plastic toys. Read more about why Tops Day Nurseries prefer to use non-battery powered, wooden toys, click here.

Keep an eye out during your visits to your local nurseries whilst you’re searching for childcare, and see if they offer bright coloured walls and bright plastic toys.

You may be surprised by how many do!

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