Head office supports NSPCC’s bobble hat day

Tops Day Nurseries Head Office based in Bournemouth had a festive jumper and bobble hat day this December, to raise money for the NSPCC.

Terri Smithers, Office Manager said “It’s lovely to be able to get involved with these kind of events. The Head Office team have really made an effort this year with some fantastic jumpers and hats. Staff have made donations to be sent to the NSPCC. We have all had lots of fun showing off our jumpers, we’ve had musical jumpers, flashing ones and even a turkey hat!”

Pictures were shared with the rest of the company throughout the day but in case you didn’t see them, here are some of our favourites!

Accounts team
HR team


Cheryl, Managing Director and Andy
Cheryl, Managing Director and Andy
Aspire sales and IT manager
Aspire sales and IT manager
Terri, Office Manager and Maria, Administration Director

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