Healthy Body, Happy Me week


This year, all settings across the Tops Day Nurseries family are taking part in NDNA’s (National Day Nurseries Association) Healthy Body, Happy Me week, which supports us to focus on key areas for teaching children how to keep healthy, safe and growing strong. This is taking place from the 18th to 24th of April.


As part of this we would like you to know what themes there are for each day so you can extend this at home with discussions and further activities. We have provided information on each day below including what we will be doing across our nurseries, and also some suggestions for activities at home.  These have been supplied from the NDNA’s website, where you can find more ideas here.

We hope you will be able to take part and have fun with us during the week.


Monday 18 April – Eat Well, Feel Fantastic

Below are guidelines for portion size and nutrition suggestions for your children:

On this day we are going to be looking at healthy eating and sugar swaps.

Talk to your child about how having treats is ok, but not all the time because of the sugar content, and get them to think about more healthy alternatives. We will be talking to the children about this so they will have some great ideas to share with you.


Tuesday 19 April – Caring for our bodies

We will be looking at how to care for our bodies, including how to brush our teeth to keep our smiles fresh and shiny and our teeth strong and clean.  For more information on how to brush your child’s teeth and support them to brush them for themselves please have a look on the NHS website.

We will be learning about our bodies during the day and understanding why we need to wash our hands. You can talk to your children about this when they come home.  Dettol have created a handwashing leaflet for parents, an eight-step hand wash card and a useful hand wash chart which you’ll find on the NDNA health and hygiene website page.


Wednesday 20 April – Magic Movers

The children will be dancing, singing and jigging along to different music and tunes to promote their physical development. When you get home why not pop some music on and join in with your child in dancing and wriggling, even your babies will enjoy bouncing along to some great music.  Share your favourite songs with your children and tell them why you like them, have they got a favourite song?


Thursday 21 April – The Great Outdoors

Today we will be celebrating learning in the great outdoors using the natural materials available. You can join in by walking to or home from nursery (wherever possible) and talking to your children about what they can see and hear and linking these together.

Supporting your children to develop their five senses is extremely important for this stage of their development; the more children can identify with their eyes, ears, nose, touch and taste, the better.


Friday 22 April – Reflection Friday

We will be inviting our families into the nursery to read a very special and memorable story with the children.  What was your favourite story as a child?  Why was this?


Weekend 23-24 April – Family Weekend

NDNA’s Family Weekend activities are designed to inspire you to get out and get more active as a family, creating great new memories.

  • Springtime walk: What’s coming to life? What different colours are the flowers?
  • Visit the seaside: Collect seashells, talk about how they feel and ask children ‘What do you think is in the sea?’
  • Look at the healthy groups and activities you can take part in locally. There are nature trails, park walks etc.
  • Why not go to the local swimming baths as a family and enjoy some splash time together?
  • Visit the local park and see what is on offer.
  • Go to a new place and explore it together.


We hope you’ll enjoy supporting Healthy Body, Happy Me week with your children!  You can find out more about the week on the NDNA website, or speak to your nursery manager.  To find your local Tops nursery, visit our website here.

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