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Supporting your child’s development at nursery is our job, while at home it’s over to you.  There are so many areas that impact on how your child learns and this can be a daunting thought for parents.


Early Education has produced a series of leaflets called the “Learning Together” series, which works to help parents and other carers understand their child’s development, enabling them to take an active role in their learning and enjoy the time they spend with their child.


The leaflets include the following (click on the leaflet title to download):


This leaflet focusses on babies and how they learn from the day they are born, and even before.  The leaflet reviews the importance of repetition, how babies explore, why simple toys are the best, how music and reading impact their learning, and how and when they may begin to crawl.


This leaflet gives examples of creative ideas you can enjoy with your children, consequently impacting the experiences they have.  It recommends different materials you can use when being creative, how children can learn new skills through art, and how to respond after they’ve created their masterpieces.


This leaflet explains the importance for children to learn through being outside, including things you can to do when you’re outside, when is the best time to go out and where to go.  You can also find out about our own Tops Forest School here.


A child’s life is full of change as they grow, and so this leaflet highlights the different sorts of changes your child will experience.  It advises how you can help support them through these stages, and how to tell if your child is not coping.


Children will learn from the behaviour that is around them, so how you and others behave will impact them, as well as how you respond to that behaviour.  This leaflet advises how children learn good and bad behaviour as well as how to manage bad behaviour and reward good behaviour.


Music is a fantastic way for children to learn and grow, and this leaflet explains why this is, as well as giving advice on how to incorporate music into everyday life.


Children will learn how to write at different stages, and their experiences before they learn how to write will shape their journey.  This leaflet explains how children start towards writing, how you can support them from mark making to confident writing, as well as addressing some common concerns.


As well as learning to write, learning to do simple maths is important.  This leaflet addresses understanding how and when children learn maths and explains some activities you can undertake to support them in their skills, whether that is inside or outside.


As children grow up, they will naturally ask questions so they can learn about, and make sense of, the world around them.  How to respond to children’s questions is crucial, so this leaflet explains the different types of questions children can ask and how to respond, as well as answering uncomfortable questions.


This leaflet takes you through the journey of how speaking and listening contributes to your child’s development before they even start to read.  It also explains how role play and rhyme can help their journey, as well as discussing the different stages of reading.


Learning about science and how the world works is an exciting one for children and this leaflet explains how to help your child learn new skills about science through first-hand experiences.  It also explains why it’s important to encourage them to talk about their ideas and what they are doing, as well as giving ideas for the kitchen, bathroom and outside play and discovery.



This leaflet focuses more on toddlers and young children, exploring the toys that are good for learning and how they play with those toys.  It also refers to different activities that can help your toddlers’ development, how they learn from routine and the importance of reading at this age and choosing which books they are exposed to.


Technology is a massive part of society now, and today’s children have been born into a digital age.  This leaflet explores how babies, toddlers and young children each interact with the technology around us, including TV, mobiles, computers, DVD and CD players and cameras.  It also explains how you can encourage them to engage with technology; something that will be a big part of their future.


For more information about how we can help your child with their development, you can find your local nursery here.


Early Education promotes the right of all children to an education of the highest quality. It provides support, advice and information on best practice for everyone concerned with the education and care of young children from birth to eight.  For more details, or to order leaflets, contact Early Education by visiting their website.

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