Hospital-serving nurseries promise to remain open for Key Worker staff & vulnerable children

The recent restriction on childcare eligibility announced by the government has made it extremely difficult and non-viable for some nurseries to remain open. Recent reports have shown that Key Worker parents across the country have been unable to attend their shifts due to lack of childcare and nursery closures during this critical period in which the NHS are needed more than ever. Tops Day Nurseries have pledged to keep all hospital-serving nurseries open throughout the Covid-19 outbreak, despite many nursery closures in surrounding areas.

Cheryl Hadland, Managing Director of Tops Day Nurseries commented “I am so proud of our colleagues who continue to provide an outstanding level of childcare during this unprecedented time. Tops Day Nurseries are open wherever there is demand from Key Workers.

“With government restrictions on who can currently access childcare I am delighted that Tops Day Nurseries can remain open during this pandemic, providing top quality childcare to those who need it. All of our hospital settings will remain open and we will be combining nearby nurseries, meaning Tops settings across the South Coast are still in a position to take additional Key Worker, looked after and vulnerable children.

 “The service we provide means we are just behind the front line, several of our nurseries are on hospital sites, and most of the rest look after children whose parents work in the NHS and emergency services. Day nurseries colleagues are not able to distance themselves from small children, as they need to be in a position to give a cuddle if a child needed one, and of course change nappies, wipe noses etc..  We do not have access to the protective equipment resources or testing in hospitals, so our staff are very much on the front line with very little protection for themselves, other than hand washing and more frequent cleaning of touched surfaces. But it is our commitment is to stay open so that NHS staff can work. It is important that we remain united and support each other in any way possible, and I am proud that we are able to help.”

Tops Day Nurseries care for children aged from 3 months – school age plus over half of the settings offer a Hi5’s Club for primary school children and will be offering emergency placements between the hours of 6am-8pm, subject to demand and availability. Tops Day Nurseries offers Hi 5’s Club spaces during term time to cater for those who need to get to work and parents who work within the NHS or emergency services will be prioritised.

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