How to have a greener New Year

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  • Avoid Driving

For many reasons, we advise you not to drive on New Year’s eve. So many people will be on the roads, there will be a real danger! So strong recommendations for your health and for the planet’s health: take public transportation or walk.

  • Have a Meat-Free Dinner

Why not? After all even if you are not a veggie, you could think of many reasons why you could have a meat free dinner:

  1. Meat isn’t that healthy because we tend to consume too much of it. Besides the fact it can increase your cholesterol and your blood pressure, you could actually double this effect by combining it with alcohol.
  2. Proteins take longer to digest. You could actually exhaust your digestive tube and feel tiredness before midnight.
  3. Good meat is expensive. Cut your hosting costs!
  4. Meat is old-fashioned- organic and vegan style dinners are becoming trendier every day
  • Pick up a Green Restaurant

Not willing to spend your new year’s eve in the kitchen or cleaning up after your guests? Then you are probably looking for restaurants. Pick a green restaurant! Not only will you impress your friends with your commitment to the planet, but you’ll probably try some new food, and introduce your friends to a new way of life. Plus, green food is super delicious!

  • Stay Away from Disposables

We can never repeat it enough, but stay away from disposables! Plastic glasses are convenient but a real problem for the environment. Why not try to use paper based disposables? Grab a sharpie or too and customise them… super party in the making!

Also try not to use cans or plastic bottles. If you must, buy bigger containers rather than lots of little bottles. The next day, while cleaning, you could gather all plastics and take a small refreshing, healthy-first-of-the-year walk to bring them to the recycling centre.

  • Use Fruits and Vegetables as Tableware and Décor

Who doesn’t like food art? Especially when it looks like that?

Why not try to create your own decorations by using fruits and veggies as a base? Beautiful for the eyes and good to eat! You can make sure your guests will be impressed… or amused, depending on your talents!

  • Buy local

You already know that if you buy local, you will support your local economy by buying produce, meat and dairy from the hardworking farmer. But aside from being good for the planet, you can also enjoy the impressed look of your friends when you bring them an amazing cheese from a local producer. And we compared, it is not necessarily more expensive than in supermarket.

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