How to Reduce Holiday Stress with a Morning Routine

Tops Day Nurseries were contacted by Daniel Sherwin of DadSolo who asked us to share his blog on reducing holiday stress with a morning routine.


Our lives tend to get a little out of control during the holidays. We’ve got presents to buy, houses to clean, people to visit, and events to attend. On top of this, our kids are out of school and we still have to go to work! All of this commotion can put you on the fast track to holiday burnout. Developing a solid morning routine for you and your family is a great way to start everyone’s day with happiness and enthusiasm. Check out these tips to create your own.


Hire a Helper for Your Daily Chores

When you’re swamped for time over the holidays, consider outsourcing some of your morning tasks so you can get a jump on your day. For example, hiring a dog walker for the holidays can give you some bonus time in the mornings while ensuring your furry friend gets the regular exercise he needs. If this sounds helpful, try a site like to find a trusted dog walker near you. Other daily tasks, like house maintenance and cleaning can be outsourced through sites like Thumbtack.


Start Your Morning with Some ‘Me’ Time

Even though it means getting up earlier, having a few moments to yourself in the morning will help you begin your day feeling calm and collected. Take this time to exercise, read, enjoy some coffee, plan your day, or tackle leftover chores from the night before. Starting your day this way will keep you from forgetting things in the morning rush. Plus, it encourages you to engage in healthy self-care habits more often.


Create a Morning Routine Checklist for Everyone

Trying to get your kids out of bed, fed, and ready to move on with the day can be extremely stressful — especially if you need to rush them off to school, camp or daycare before heading to work. Instead of chasing your family members around with reminders, Healthy Simple Life recommends giving each person a fun morning checklist. This can help your kids remember to brush their teeth, get dressed, and pack their backpacks before it’s time to leave. You can even add a morning chore to this list to take some of the pressure off yourself. For example, enlist your kids to help you out by feeding the dog, doing the morning dishes, or scraping ice off the car.


Eat Breakfast Together

It’s tempting to plunk your kids down in front of the TV while you finish up your morning tasks. However, eating together as a family is very important. Research has found that families who enjoy meals together have healthier eating behavior and their children tend to get better grades in school. Sitting down at the table for breakfast will also encourage you to eat a good, solid morning meal rather than grabbing something quick on the go. Schedule a family breakfast for the same time every day so that your family members know when to be finished their morning tasks and meet at the table. Get your kids to chip in with breakfast by asking them to set the table. Older kids can even take turns cooking breakfast for everyone!


Start Your Routine at Night

Set the stage for a structured morning by developing a evening routine for you and your family. During this time, you can get things ready for the next day — like prepping breakfast and laying out your kid’s outfits — to keep from rushing around in the morning and struggling with decisions while your brain is still waking up. Importantly, make sure your family (including you) gets to bed at the right time. You want everyone to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to power through a busy day. If your kids are having trouble sleeping during the holidays, try out some of these solutions offered by Today’s Parent.

Developing a morning routine for your family can help you tackle your holiday tasks with greater efficiency. When you start your day feeling organized and accomplished, you’ll be less stressed about everything you need to get done. Plus, you’ll be able to get out of the house faster so you can check off your holiday to-do list before the next frenzied family gathering!

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