How to Support Children to Look After Their Mental Health

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week 2021, first launched by mental health charity Place2Be to highlight the importance of young people’s mental health. The theme this year is ‘Express Yourself’ aiming to encourage children to explore the different ways they can express themselves. We’ve put together a few ways we can help look after their mental health, especially through these difficult times.

Nourishment & Care

Being kind, supportive and listening to children shows that you care and that you are being supportive of how they feel.


Mental health is something that affects all of us, no matter our age, so it is important to try and teach children about mental health and that it isn’t a bad thing to talk about.

Coping Skills

We need to support children to learn different and practical coping skills that can help them deal with their feelings, stress and challenges they may face.

Encouraging Talking

The more that we encourage children to talk about how they are feeling and how to express themselves, the better they will become at tuning into how they are thinking and feeling.

Physical Health

Healthy eating, exercise and sleeping well all contribute to positive mental health, so it is important that we support their physical wellbeing throughout the day too.

Role Model

If we focus on becoming solid and positive role models, children pick up on our positive behaviours and will more likely adopt them themselves.

Seek Help

Do not feel ashamed to seek help. Support is out there and it is important to teach our children to reach out when they’re struggling so that they can know where to find support as they grow up too.

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