Introducing Boogie Mites

Boogie Mites

Tops Day Nurseries are delighted to introduce Boogie Mites as a new extra-curricular activity to be run in-house to support the development of all seven areas in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which are; Communication and language, Physical Development, Personal, social and emotional development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world and Expressive arts and design. Children will be able to harness the power of music to increase productive development and make everyone involved happy and having a good time!

Not only will this experience give the children a chance to have some fun, evidence has shown that music is an important element for creating a sensory rich environment and giving children the ability to learn spatial awareness. This consequently can lead to better educational development due to higher cognitive function. Music is also very beneficial to a child’s verbal development, as it will teach them syntax and speech before school from the repetitive chants and sing-alongs from songs.

The Boogie Mites Minis Programme is designed to allow crawlers to children aged 3 years to develop across the 3 Prime areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage, through participation in active music making, craft and percussion play.

Boogie Mites can also be an extremely beneficial social experience for a child, teaching them how to sing along and dance with other children in a nursery. Not only is this a great social skill to give a child, it will also make their confidence and self-esteem skyrocket before going into education.

The Boogie Mites sessions started in October and each session lasts approximately 30 minutes, the days and times of the sessions will vary.

For more information about Boogie mites, please click here.

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