Introducing Love to B Skincare

Washing hands as part of a daily routine is second nature, leaving little time to think about the products we are using and how kind they are on our skin. Recent studies have proposed concerns with antibacterial liquids and commercial bar soaps, with two of the most common ingredients Triclosan and Triclocarban under most scrutiny. Tricsolan has been linked to allergies in children and worryingly can be masked under other chemical names or worse, replaced by more dangerous chemicals. If that wasn’t enough, it is estimated that the carbon footprint of liquid soaps is 25% greater than bar soaps, another reason to ditch the liquid and go natural.

In our Tops Day nurseries we encourage hand washing independence and focusing on the proper hand-washing technique for children, trying to avoid nasty bacteria and germs being passed around. With this newly proposed information we’re considering the effectiveness of the soaps we use and how else we can protect little hands.

We’re delighted to announce that through working with Love to b skincare you can get 10% discount off their Tutti Frutti children’s soap, made with skin-friendly ingredients such as lavender, olive, and coconut oil. Use code tops10 all the way through to December 31st 2019. To find out more about the effects of antibacterial hand washes and gels, visit  

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