Join Us At Tops for a Relaxation Session!

Life can be overwhelming at times, with demands pulling us in multiple directions. We’re thrilled to offer you the chance to prioritise your well-being with a guided relaxation session hosted by Barbara Mlakar. Furthermore, Barbara is a trainer with a passion for helping individuals find peace and balance amidst the chaos of modern life. Her expertise and compassionate approach make her sessions both effective and deeply nurturing.

Above all, this relaxation session offers you a chance to step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life and take a moment for yourself. Led by Barbara, this 30-minute session will guide you through techniques to calm your mind and relax your body.

Why Attend?

  • Reduce Stress: Firstly, learn how to unwind and de-stress, helping you navigate the challenges of work, study, and life more effectively.
  • Improve Well-being: Finally, Improve Well-being: Regular relaxation has numerous benefits, including improved emotional well-being, enhanced concentration, focus, and better sleep.

Relaxation Session Details:

– Date: Wednesday, May 15th

– Time: 8:00 pm – 8:30 pm

– Meeting Link:

– Meeting ID: 842 6146 9487

– Passcode: 8rNYeD

While Barbara Mlakar hosts this session, we see it as a valuable chance for you to prioritise your well-being and invest in yourself. Therefore, we encourage you to join us and take the first step on your well-being journey.

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