Make it a Musical Christmas

Children at Tops Day Nurseries regularly take part in Boogie Mites music and movement sessions, enjoying songs and musical activities from the Boogie Mites School Ready Minis and Maths Music Programmes. What makes Boogie Mites different is the use of original upbeat music that is written specifically for supporting development in early years, using many different styles of music, home-made percussion instruments, musical activities that develop rhythmic and melodic awareness, so that we that can achieve the maximum development benefits.


Regular and varied music making before your child starts school is not only fun, but it can boost those early communication, physical and social skills. In fact, studies show that taking part in regular and varied musical activities, children in early years can develop the neural pathways that provide strong foundations not only for literacy and maths but for learning generally. Pretty amazing!

You might like to consider purchasing Boogie Mites CDs or downloads as Christmas presents for your children. They will love having the songs they enjoy in nursery to share with the family at home and they will also benefit from the extra practice. Boogie Mites offer a discount to our parents, click through to Boogie Mites website shop here and use the promotion code (contact your nursery to get this) to claim your 20% discount as a Tops Day Nursery parent. They also share the funds raised with us so that we can further boost music provision for your children.


Happy Boogying!

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