5 Fun Mark Making Ideas

Children learn from everything they do; when children realise that marks can be used symbolically to carry a meaning, they begin to use marks as tools to make their thinking visible. These marks will support the developing concepts of mathematics and language in relation to their play.

Holding and controlling a pen takes a lot of skill and involves hand-eye co-ordination and control in our hands and fingers. Making marks enables children to develop their hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills through practicing to hold a pen, choosing which hand feels most comfortable and through making small controlled movements using the pen.

At Tops Day Nurseries, we provide a range of activities for children that supports the mark-making process, and this is an activity you can carry out at home too!

Here are some mark making activity ideas you could try out at home:

  1. Painting with Water – With warmer weather setting in painting with water is a fantastic outdoor activity for your child to take part in. In some of our nurseries, children have access to buckets and paint brushes and enjoy painting the walls and ground to make marks.
  2. Printing – Everyday household items can be used to create a stamp! try it out with different objects, create discussions about the marks that are left behind.
  3. DIY Paint Brushes – Twigs and leaves, pom poms, forks end even fingers & toes make great mark marking tools!
  4. Sand tray – Using sand, rice, flour or anything else you may think of, you can create a great sensory mark making activity for your child.
  5. Play dough – Children love making and playing with play dough, so why not provide different tools and objects for them to create marks?

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