Marty says ‘Switch it off’!

switch it off

New stickers have been provided for all Tops Day Nurseries settings to encourage staff, parents and children to switch off the lights and electrical appliances when not in use.

We are actively encouraging staff to change their behaviour and notice what they are and are not using, so they switch things off when they are not using them. This is an excellent, and cost effective way to reduce usage and costs. Nursery staff will be able to see the fruits of their efforts when they are able to invest in new resources for their nursery due to the savings they have made by being more mindful of their usage.

The ‘switch it off’ stickers have been placed above each light switch within the nurseries and are also issued in welcome packs for new starters. As lighting accounts for around 15 percent of electricity usage, turning off your lights can play a part in reducing your energy use. Engaging with the children at a nursery is one step in becoming green; the next step is to educate the parents so that the same measures are happening in the home. By teaching children from a young age that switching lights off when not in use will help to save the environment, our future generation will be more conscientious about their impact on the environment.

If you would like to use the Tops ‘Switch it off” sticker in your own home, please email or speak to your nursery manager.

switch it off

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