Meet our Venus Award semi-finalist, Julie Woodward!

This year, Tops Day Nurseries introduced a brand new sustainability category to the Dorset Venus Awards. As part of the application process, Tops Day Nurseries have been interviewing our 5 semi-finalists and would like to share their incredible stories with you! We’d love to introduce you to Julie Woodward of BeeWrap UK.

Julie cares deeply about the environment and has built her business from her own home, creating the ideal alternative to cling film, foil and plastic food bags.

BeeWraps are made from 100% cotton, beeswax, pine rosin and jojoba oil. These ingredients are as British as can be, due to Julie’s support for local businesses and sustainability.

Everything within a BeeWrap pack is recyclable, the packaging is made from recycled cardboard, with a paper sticker rather than the traditional vinyl. Benefits of using BeeWraps include the lack of toxins that leach into your foods as a plastic film would, they are reusable and the natural antibacterial and antifungal properties will help to keep food fresh.

Julie not only practices sustainability through her work, but in her day to day life. Julie grows her own fruit and vegetables and enjoys foraging. Julie believes that we all have to take responsibility for our actions against the planet, which is why she ensured her own bathroom is completely plastic free and only uses natural cleaning products.

Julie ensures her suppliers are also sustainable and economical by sourcing items from small businesses wherever she can, researching their history and finding local bee keepers for the bees wax.

By having multiple designs of all shapes, sizes and colours, Julie is able to guide customer choice by working to guidelines set by her customers. By finding out what her customers need, Julie is able to accommodate to meet their needs.

The factor of education plays a part in Julie’s target market. As more children are being taught about protecting the planet and how their actions play a huge role in the future of our world… they have begun educating their parents and when learning about BeeWraps, they have shown such a high interest!

Julie’s next adventure is to produce economical low weight reusable bags for fruit and vegetables, and is looking into natural materials such as bamboo and hemp.

We hope you will join us in wishing Julie good luck during the next stage of her application process!


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