Mud glorious mud – Benefits of Mud Kitchens

mud kitchen

Not only is mud play a fun activity to entertain and engage children, it is also brilliant for developing a child’s key skills. Children are able to develop their communication skills whilst role-playing with others in the mud kitchen, as well as developing physically through the movement and handling of the equipment.

When playing in the mud kitchen, children are also able to develop their literacy and numeracy skills as children will be counting out ingredients from mud pie recipes as well as also writing their own recipes/menus in role play situations. Some children turn the mud kitchen into a café, others work hard on using different natural resources such as mud, sand, flower petals and water to make ‘magic potions’.

Across the Tops Day Nurseries family, we continuously look out for old pots and pans, utensils, weighing scales, sinks and any other kitchen apparatus to improve our kitchens… so please bear us in mind before throwing any away!

To conclude, the mud kitchen is a great way for children to be able to enhance their skills whatever the weather, and is an area well loved by the children at Tops Day Nurseries!

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