Mum and You…and Tops: Biodegradable baby wipes

Tops Day Nurseries make our own wipes to clean mucky children as most commercial baby wipes contain one-use plastic AND nasty irritants and chemicals.

But what about when we’re out and about on trips? After a lot of intensive research, Tops have discovered 100% biodegradable, plastic free baby wipes: Mum & You.

Traditional baby wipes are made of a material called spunlace. This fabric contains high levels of one use plastic and will not biodegrade, nor are they compostable. 93% of sewer pipe blockages in the UK are caused by baby pipes. These blockages often cause sewerage to overflow into rivers, causing piles of discarded baby wipes which are at risk of drifting into the sea. Once they end up in the sea, the pollution endangers the aquatic life.

At Tops, we recently started making our own wipes. You can find the recipe for them here. Numerous colleagues with children have been making their own wipes at home and we pooled our understanding to come up with the best method for creating wipes for use within the nursery.

It goes without saying the wipes don’t contain any plastic! They are irritant free, compostable and biodegradable… plus they smell lovely.  They’re cheaper than retail prices for parents, too.

Our wipes have been a resounding success within our nurseries, but we discovered an issue. It’s not practical to take a large tub of handmade wipes on trips, and they can’t be left in emergency evacuation bags as they need to be used within a couple of weeks. We certainly weren’t about to go back to using traditional baby wipes for the convenience when we were out and about, but we needed something a little more practical.

So we dug out our research hats and came up with a solution.

Ta Dah… Mum & You baby wipes.

Unlike traditional baby wipes, Mum & You wipes are made from 98% water and do not contain plastic. The fabric for the wipes is made from 100% naturally derived fibres and are completely biodegradable. They have been shown to biodegrade in under 6 weeks- that’s faster than a lot of food waste!

That’s not to say we’re fully converting. These wipes are a fantastic eco alternative for on-the-go and are long lasting enough to be kept in evac bags, but nothing really beats our lovingly handmade wipes for nursery usage.

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