Mystery at Tops Newport

Recently, the children from Tops Day Nurseries Newport took part in a mystery solving activity when a crime scene appeared in the pre-school room.

The children used their imagination to think about what may have happened to Humpty Dumpty and how he ended up cracked on the floor. The children measured their own feet against the mysterious flour foot prints that were left on the floor Using rulers,  they wrote down their findings and compared notes.  The children discussed as a group  whether they thought Humpty Dumpty was pushed, or whether he fell off of the wall

After searching for clues around the nursery, the children created their own ‘wanted’ posters to put around the nursery to try and help solve the mystery.

The children concluded that Humpty Dumpty was not pushed, but he fell off of the wall.

The children put Humpty back together again whilst singing the well-loved nursery rhyme, and ventured into the garden so that they could make a new wall for Humpty Dumpty to sit on using different resources.

The children really enjoyed working as a team to figure out what happened Humpty!

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