Short sessions to support Schema Play

Across our nurseries we have started introducing some short sessions in the day to support our new Schema Play accreditation. Please check the individual nursery page to see if this is applicable at the setting of your choice currently. Nurseries that are based on hospital sites do not feature these sessions.

The new structure consists of 2 daily fixed sessions between 9:00-11.45 am and 12:45-2:45 pm with all hours outside of these times are bookable to the nearest 15 minutes.

SchemaPlay is an approach to teaching that tunes into your child’s current interests and a key feature of this new style of learning is to allow the children to lead their own learning activities and for the practitioner to encourage this by helping children to get into their ‘learning flow’. When children are in their flow they learn and explore better, developing faster and enjoying their purposeful play more. It is important that children are given extended periods of time (minimum 2 hours) to immerse themselves in their self-chosen free flow play; this allows the children to really get involved in their learning without disruptions, and also gives our skilled educators the necessary time to observe the children, identifying what and how the children are exploring in order to plan for and facilitate the next steps in their learning.

For more information on SchemaPlay please click to view our blog here.

Part of our mission is to offer flexible bookings to suit your family and we are pleased that we will still be offering bookings to the nearest 15 minutes outside of these sessions, however, you will not be able to book your child to start or leave mid-session.

For nurseries that have these sessions in place, the structure for invoices/prices is:

Morning and afternoon session rates

A flexible hourly rate (applicable outside the daily sessions) and times bookable to the nearest 15 minutes of your chocie

70% discount on all hours booked over 36 hours per week

You can view the price list for each nursery on their individual nursery pages. If you have any questions please just give us a call or fill out the contact forms available.

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