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A permanent place means that once booked you commit to your child attending Tops Forest School on the day/s booked and there is no option to change the day/s to a nursery booking without the required notice given (4 weeks).

Tops Forest School is available to book for shift and permanent children. As per our booking policy, a permanent booked child takes priority over a shift booked child, however, a shift booked child does have the flexibility to book as and when required, the place, however, is not guaranteed.

We strongly believe that outdoor learning is very important and a valuable experience. Tops Forest School is based on the Scandinavian model which believes that the best memories from childhood are always connected to the outdoors – we want to make those memories special!

You can book additional hours before 9am and after 5pm and your child would be in the nursery. At 9am all the children who are booked to attend Tops Forest School would go to the yurt and then leave the nursery grounds to begin their full day in the great outdoors.

Please click here to view our Forest School handbook.

If you have any questions or would like to book a space for your child please contact the nursery on 01983 520334 or info.iow@topsdaynurseries.co.uk

Some of our friendly Newport Forest School team:

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Nursery Manager

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