Hi5’s Out of School & Holiday Clubs In Efford

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Welcome to Hi5's Efford!

Tops Efford provides before- and after-school clubs and a Hi5’s Holiday Club service at the nursery setting for school children up to the age of 11 years old.

The Hi5 Clubs are run from Tops Day Nurseries’ Efford setting, situated as part of the DELL Children’s Centre – for families living in Deer Park, Efford, Lipson and Laira. The children can take advantage of the nearby Efford Marsh (only a stones throw from the hub), which allows plenty of opportunities to explore the natural environment, and lends itself readily to scavenger hunts and sensory experiences.

The Hi5s Holiday Club offers a wide range of activities, both indoors and out, including woodwork, arts and crafts, sports and team games, music and movement, cooking, science and many more! The Hi5’s site is also lucky enough to have access to an expansive garden space, which is home to plenty of equipment, such as slides, sandpits and climbing frames, which the children love to use!

The plans for the Hi5’s Holiday Club are changed weekly and have been influenced by the interests of the children who regularly attend our Hi5’s out of school or holiday clubs. We are aware that children’s interests change on a regular basis, so the plans are flexible and designed to ensure that the children’s interests are kept during their attendance.

Have a look at an example plan for our Hi5’s Holiday Club below:

MondayChromatography butterflies and planes. Coffee filters and pipe cleaners are needed to make these!Animal snacks… Preparing and making veggie snails, banana dolphins or apple turtles
TuesdayWildlife on our doorstep. A walk around our area to look at the wildlife around us. Can you name the animals you see?Magnificent magnets! An afternoon of making dough animal fridge magnets.
WednesdayLook high, look low… Walk to the local woods to go on a Mini-beast Scavenger Hunt.Animals’ rock! Decorating animal pebbles and stones to hide for others to find.
ThursdayTrip – Visit the local library to return our books and find books about animals.Caring for wild birds… Making bird seed balls to take home to encourage birds into the garden.
FridayWhat do a bear, a crocodile and a Tiger have in common? They too take part in animal yoga!Water world… Where in the world would these animals live in water, let’s find out!

The costs for the Hi5s Clubs in Efford are as follows:

  • Before-School Club (7:30am-9am, includes breakfast and school drop-off) £8.40 per day
  • After-School Club (3pm-6pm, includes school collection) £16.60 per day
  • Holiday AM Session (8am-1pm) £17.80
  • Holiday PM Session (1pm-6pm) £17.80
  • Holiday Full Day (8am-6pm) £29
  • Holiday Full Week booking discount available at £28 per day

Holiday club plans are emailed to all parents prior to the school break and we welcome any suggestions from parents and children about what activities or trips they would like us to provide.

We run this action-packed Hi5’s Holiday Club across the summer, Easter and Christmas holidays, as well as during the half term breaks. Activities are flexible to be seasonally and weather appropriate.

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