Hi5’s Out of School & Holiday Clubs In Lakeside

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Welcome to Hi5's Lakeside!

Tops Lakeside provides before- and after-school clubs and a Hi5’s Holiday Club service for school children 5-7 years old at the nursery setting, which is located opposite the business park at 1000 Lakeside North Harbour.

The site has an extended eco-cabin classroom extension, which has been designed with a familiar open plan and bright rooms. Next to Cosham Park and close to museums, castles and outdoor spaces, the setting is ideal for those living or working in the Portsmouth area.

The Hi5’s Holiday Club offers a wide range of activities, both indoors and out, including science, woodwork, arts and crafts, cultural appreciation days, sports and team games, music and movement, cooking, and many more!

The weekly plans for the Hi5’s Holiday Club are influenced by the interests of the children who regularly attend our out of school clubs and those who were enrolled for the previous holiday club, and we are aware that children’s interests change on a regular basis, so our plans are flexible and designed to ensure that the children’s needs are catered for during their attendance.

Have a look at an example plan for a week at our Hi5’s Holiday Club below:

MondayA science experiment can also be creative. Making our own candles to take home.Scram pepper experiment… Predict what will happen when you add pepper and a secret ingredient to water?
TuesdayNatural science… Looking at life cycles and what makes us all different.Brilliant bouncing balls… Can balls be made to bounce by using cornflour, glue and water?
WednesdaySticky, slimy slime – Making your own slime.Multitasking Mayhem… Find out how different parts of your brain manage different tasks of your body.
ThursdayWhat’s the difference between baking powder and baking soda? You will find out with these experiments!Can water walk! A ‘walking water’ science experiment.
FridayHydrophobic resources… Making lava lamps with oil, water and food colouring.The egg freshness test! What is the difference between a raw and boiled egg, how do you know it’s fresh? Followed by… time to eat the results!

Hi 5’s Lakeside Club offer the following sessions, which can also be topped up at £5 per hour (prices from 5th April):

  • Breakfast Club: (from 7.30am to drop off) including breakfast and drop-off at school: £8.65 per day.
  • After-School Club: (3pm to 6pm, term time only) including collection: £17 per day.
  • Holiday Club: £20.40 per half day, £34 per full day and £29 per day for a full week.
  • Half days are either 8am to 1pm or 1pm to 6pm. Full days are 8am – 6pm.
  • Mandatory food charge £3.50 per day.

No deposit or administration fee are required for Hi 5’s Club, but all fees are to be paid in advance of attendance.

Holiday club plans are emailed to all parents prior to the school break and we welcome any suggestions from parents and children about what activities or trips they would like us to provide.

We run this action-packed Hi5’s Holiday Club across the summer, Easter and Christmas holidays, as well as during the half term breaks. Activities are flexible to be seasonally and weather appropriate.