Ofsted Report

We were rated ‘Good’ in our latest Ofsted inspection.

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Comments we are particularly proud of include:

  • Staff consistently plan activities well using children’s interests, which motivates them to learn. For example, young children revisited their recent outing to the zoo as they played with the animals.
  • Staff work effectively with other settings and parents to ensure children are ready for their next stage of learning and school.
  • Staff plan stimulating environments where children are confident to move resources inside and outside to support their learning. Babies have calming areas, which helps them to feel secure.
  • Staff provide good support for pre-school children to think about solving problems and test their ideas.
  • Staff help babies and toddlers to have a strong sense of exploration and develop inquisitive minds.

Tops Musgrove – Internal Audit Visit

Click here to read Tops Musgrove’s feedback from their recent internal audit visit. 

Some of our friendly Musgrove Nursery team:

Chanelle Cochrane

Nursery Manager

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