SEND Local Offer

Check out the information provided for Tops Musgrove’s Local Offer below:


Full Name of Education setting
Tops Day Musgrove Park  


Physical address Musgrove Park hospital
Town Taunton
District or Borough Somerset
Postcode TA1 5BZ


Contact Person Chanelle Cochrane
Telephone Number 01823 697697
Email address
Website address
Facebook address
Twitter address N/A
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Short Headline Here at Tops Day Musgrove, Melissa Morrison is our SENDCo representative. Melissa has attended training which is specific to ensure that they have the correct knowledge and understanding in all aspects. There is a deputy SENDCo available, they step up to take the role when the SENDCo is not present. We have access to many professionals who can support us within the nursery when needed, these include speech and language therapists, and health visitors. These are here to support us when required and are called upon when we believe the children/staff or parents need support. Melissa’s responsibility is to manage the provision for all children with SEND and give advice and support to staff members and families. Melissa will liaise with the child’s keyworker closely and oversee the child’s records along with other involved professionals. The manager has an up to date list of relevant staff training that has been completed, as well as the local borough training course that are available, they will communicate with the SENDCo to ensure training opportunities are given and maximized for the setting and individual staff. Our team of staff are committed to continuous professional development to develop their skills further.


Brief overview of your service (30 words)
Tops Day Musgrove is a two storey building, with access to the top floor via stairway or a lift. Our lower floor has access to two gardens, the main garden is on an incline, with clear floor space. The second garden is smaller, however it is based for the younger children and is accessible.





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Chanelle Cochrane

Nursery Manager

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