Ofsted Report

We were rated ‘Good’ in our latest Ofsted inspection.

Some of the comments made about our nursery and the childcare we provide that we are particularly proud of include:

  • Children feel happy and secure at this nursery. Staff know the children well and are close by to offer help or praise.
  • Staff encourage independence as early as the baby room, where they gently role model face wiping to babies. From toddler to pre-school rooms, children learn to clear their own plates and wash up. Staff reward good behaviour when children adhere to the nursery rules, such as using ‘kind hands’. Therefore, children are becoming resilient learners who know right from wrong and are prepared for their next stage in education.
  • Children benefit from meaningful activities across each area of learning. Staff thoughtfully set out activities depending on next steps and children’s interests. Babies love to sing along with songs and use props.
  • Parents report good partnerships with staff. They receive information on their child’s learning and development and are supported to extend learning at home.

To read the full Ofsted inspection for our Tops Parkstone nursery, please click here.

We were very disappointed to not retain Outstanding which we were awarded in 2016. We received 2 recommendations to further improve the quality of the early years provision and the team are working on the actions detailed below.

  • Take advantage of opportunities throughout the daily routine to engage children in meaningful discussions to further extend their communication skills

We are currently looking at each child’s individual interests and encouraging discussions at group times throughout the day, including mealtimes. This will enable children to widen their understanding of different peers’ interests and build upon, and grow to understand a variety of topics.

  • Communicate more regularly with parents who need more support with their children’s development

We use a variety of different platforms to communicate with parents to enable us to support their child’s development including eyLog, parent consultations and verbal updates. We will continue to use these methods and we welcome parents to contact us if they would like additional information or more support regarding their child’s development. We are also happy to arrange any additional meetings outside of our regular parent consultations. If you would like to discuss any aspect of your child’s development with your child’s key person please do not hesitate to contact Oliver, nursery manager.

If you have any questions regarding the report please do not hesitate to contact Oliver on 01202 716130 option 2 or email info.parkstone@topsdaynurseries.co.uk

Some of our friendly Parkstone Nursery team:

Oliver Matthews-King

Nursery Manager