Ofsted Report

On Tuesday 25th July Tops Pokesdown was inspected by Ofsted, we are pleased to share some of the lovely comments made by the inspector below. 

“Children demonstrate that they feel safe and are emotionally secure. They separate confidently from their parents and carers and are eager to explore the nursery environment. They are independent and know where to find the resources they want to play with. For example, older children find pencils and paper to create pictures, and the younger ones find their favourite toy animals and books. Babies seek out familiar and friendly staff for cuddles”

“Across the nursery, staff encourage children to be healthy. Children are reminded to drink water to keep hydrated, learn about oral health and enjoy lots of fresh air. Staff supervise children effectively when they are eating. They are positive role models for children and support them to develop good manners. Children learn about good hygiene routines, such as handwashing before eating. They enjoy time to play outdoors in the fresh air every day”

“Staff teach children about sustainable choices from an early age. For example, staff and children visit local businesses that donate items to the nursery. They learn about the process of recycling through the items they receive, such as boxes and flowers, and how these can be used within play. The nursery also links with the nearby care home, where children interact with older people. This supports children’s social skills and knowledge about the community in which they live”

“Staff have a secure knowledge of the signs and symptoms of abuse. They know who to contact if there are welfare concerns about a child. Staff understand their duty to be vigilant to possible indicators of abuse. Robust recruitment and induction processes are in place, and all staff attend regular safeguarding training to keep their knowledge current. All daily risks to children are identified and minimised. Staff teach children about road safety when they go on their trips out”

The manager gives parents opportunities to provide feedback via online systems. Information is regularly shared with parents regarding their child’s time at the setting. Key persons discuss children’s developmental progress with parents and how they can support their child’s learning at home”


We are very disappointed that Tops Pokesdown were awarded the grade Requires Improvement and given 2 actions for improvement to be completed by 18th August 2023. We have detailed the actions below and what we have done to meet the actions, both actions have been completed.


1. Improve staff supervision and coaching to ensure that the quality of teaching is consistently good in all areas –

What did we do?

2. Ensure that all staff know how to support the individual children they are responsible for, ensuring they are able to meet their learning needs –
what did we do?

Please click here to view the report.

Please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie Ridealgh, Nursery Manager or Jessica Beach, Regional Manager at the nursery on 01202 720111 or via email at info.pokesdown@topsdaynurseries.co.uk if you have any questions.

Some of our friendly Pokesdown Nursery team:

Steph Ridealgh