Ofsted Report

We were rated ‘Good’ in our latest Ofsted inspection.

Some of the comments made about our nursery and the childcare we provide that we are particularly proud of are:

  •  Partnerships with parents are effective. Parents have praise for how well the manager
    and staff provide such a warm and welcoming environment for the children.
    Babies have secure attachments with their key person. They are happy and display
    high levels of emotional well-being.
  • Staff support children’s independence well. They encourage children to be independent
    learners, and to make decisions and choices about their play.
  • Staff provide children with exciting activities that are enjoyable and interesting. They
    follow children’s interests and motivation to help them learn.

To read the full Ofsted inspection for our Tops Prince Rock nursery, please click here.

Tops Prince Rock – Internal Audit Visit

Some of our friendly Prince Rock Nursery team:

Donna Mooney

Nursery Manager

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