Ofsted Report

On Friday 8th March Tops Prince Rock was inspected by Ofsted, we are pleased to share some of the lovely comments made by the inspectors below.

  • “Leaders have made many improvements since the last inspection. All staff are competent in the handling and preparing of food to minimise risks to children. There are good hygiene procedures in place. Key persons promote children’s emotional well-being effectively and staff work with children to help them understand the rules of the setting. For example, they teach pre-school-aged children how to cut fruit safely using safety knives. These children know to keep their fingers over the knife while they chop”
  • “All children have strong attachments with staff. They show they feel safe and secure as they seek out familiar staff and sit next to them. Children gain comfort from staff that know them well. Staff encourage children to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ often and model good manners. Children are kind and polite to each other. Pre-school-aged children know the routines of the day. For example, they wait patiently for a space at the snack table and join their friends to eat when a seat is free”
  • “Staff support children’s personal, social and emotional development effectively. On arrival, pre-school-aged children look for their peg with their name and the flag of the country they are from. They learn about what makes them unique. Staff sing the ‘hello song’ every morning to help children learn each other’s names. They use a puppet to remind children of the ‘golden rules’. Children look at photographs of positive behaviours and they remember examples of when they used ‘kind hands’ and ‘listening ears”
  • “Toddlers and pre-school-aged children develop their knowledge of numbers effectively. They play ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ with staff. Toddlers count aloud together each time they take a step forward. Pre-school-aged children begin to learn about the concept of time. Staff talk about the time they are going home, and the children reply with ’12 o’clock’ or ‘2 o’clock”.

Tops Prince Rock was awarded the grade Requires Improvement and given 1 action to meet the requirements of the early years foundation stage. The action must be completed by 17th May 2024. We have detailed the action below and what we have done and continue to do to ensure the action is complete.

Improve staff knowledge to develop babies’ and toddlers’ early communication and language skills to build on and extend their vocabulary.

All children have a strong attachment with staff which we are really proud of and we know that playing, reading, and talking to children is the best way to develop their language skills. Staff are engaging in training around communication and language with on-going support from Plymouth City Council. Donna and the team are fully committed to improving on our recent Ofsted and we look forward to you seeing the progress we make over the next month.

To read the full Ofsted inspection for our Tops Prince Rock nursery, please click here.

Please do not hesitate to contact Donna Mooney, Nursery Manager or Jamie Stewart, Deputy Manager at the nursery on 01752 601909 or via email at info.princerock@topsdaynurseries.co.uk if you have any questions.

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