Ofsted report

Our recent Ofsted inspection noted some very positive elements regarding the practice at Tops Salisbury and we are pleased that these were recognised by Ofsted as we always endeavour to offer a quality service within all of our Tops nurseries.

Here are some of the comments Ofsted made:
“Children are independent and most show good levels of confidence. They play well together and behave well. Staff are positive role models and encourage children to take turns, share and be kind. For example, when one child slips another quickly comforts them and gives them a cuddle”

“The new manager has quickly identified areas of development and has started to make changes throughout the nursery.

“Staff meet the care needs of the very youngest children very well, they share information regularly with each other to ensure they know what each child requires/ Babies feel emotionally secure”

“The nursery has undergone a period of change and management and staff have worked well to minimise the impact on children’s wellbeing. Children are happy and settle well. Children have fun looking at the nursery’s chickens and talk about what they eat and the noise they make. Staff talk to the children about where eggs come from, helping to extend their understanding about the world around them”

“Babies enjoy good levels of care and attention. They are encouraged to be independent from an early age. They access the low-level storage baskets during craft activities, but sometimes find the resources inside limited. Overall, the quality of teaching in the pre-school room is strong. Here, children recognise the letters that make up their names. Staff place a strong emphasis on the child’s safety and remind children how to stay safe as they play”  

To read the full inspection, please click here.


Tops Salisbury’s Internal Audit Visit

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Some of our friendly Salisbury Nursery team:

Hayley Randall

Nursery Manager

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