Ofsted Report

We were rated ‘Good’ in our latest Ofsted inspection.

You can view out latest Ofsted inspection report, online here.

Comments we are particularly proud of include:

  • Staff know children well and use their current interests and individual patterns of learning to plan enticing environments and experiences. Staff make good use of their regular observations to provide children with a broad range of experiences, which builds on children’s knowledge and what they need to learn next.
  • Observations build up over time and reflect children’s good progress from their
    starting points.
  • Children’s care needs are met well. For example, staff work well in partnership with parents to support toilet training. Staff offer the potty regularly, praise attempts and use the magnetic reward chart to celebrate achievements.
  • Staff follow robust hygiene practices. For example, they empty and sterilise the used potty and encourage children to wash their hands. Babies communicate their needs well. For example, they pat the table to make it known that they want more banana when they are hungry.
  • Leaders and managers provide good opportunities for staff to engage in relevant training. More recently, staff received support in identifying how each child learns and their patterns of play. This has greatly supported them in offering specific opportunities to engage children in their learning. Regular staff meetings and supervision meetings enable staff to share good practice and engage in professional discussions. Staff’s emotional well-being is carefully considered and there is good teamwork.

Some of our friendly Yeovil Nursery team:

Annalea Davies

Nursery Manager

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