Ofsted Report

We were rated ‘Good’ in our latest Ofsted inspection.

You can view out latest Ofsted inspection report, online here.

Comments we are particularly proud of include:

  • Children arrive happy and keen to attend. Babies benefit from a nurturing
    environment in which they form close and loving bonds with staff. Older children
    enjoy lively play areas and lots of outdoor play. All children explore freely and
    confidently in the secure play areas.
  • Children make good progress in their physical
    development. Babies practise crawling and walking safely, and older children enjoy
    new challenges, such as learning yoga postures.
  • Staff plan and deliver a broad curriculum to support children’s individual interests,
    learning style and developmental needs. This includes outings in the local
    community to enhance their experiences, such as meeting care home residents and
    attending library rhyme time sessions.
  • Staff use effective systems to plan and assess children’s learning. They provide
    challenges to build on what children already know and can do. For example,
    they help children to learn new words, and shapes and to solve problems with
    puzzles and construction materials. Staff work effectively with external
    professionals to ensure any children with additional needs make the progress of
    which they are capable.
  • Staff develop successful partnerships with parents and external professional to
    meet children’s needs consistently. Parents provide positive feedback regarding
    staff’s communication, the good progress their children make and the warm
    relationships staff develop with the children.

Some of our friendly Yeovil Nursery team:

Annalea Davies

Nursery Manager

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