Whilst your child is in our care we are more than happy for you to call us as often as you like to discuss their childcare or talk to a member of staff about your child and their day at nursery. During your child’s day at nursery, we will record important information to share with you, such as sleep times/nappy changes and information about milk/food intake. This information is added to a daily report which is submitted onto EYLOG.


The Baby & Toddlers room accommodates children aged three months to two years.

We follow a basic routine that we adapt to each child’s home routine. And offer a variety of activities, which are planned around Early Years Foundation Stage framework. The Baby & Toddlers staff observe and monitor progress and plan for each child’s individual development needs. The children receive individual attention with lots of cuddles and positive verbal communication through words sounds and songs. With immediate access to their own veranda and play area, they get plenty of fresh air too.


Our Investigators room accommodates children aged two years to three years.

All children are allocated a Key Person, who guides their learning through play and monitors and records their progress.

This room is designed to support your child’s rapidly developing skills and physical abilities. The children are assisted in learning new words from stories, nursery rhymes and singing songs. They will also have fun activities in the arts and crafts area helping children to learn how to identify different objects and colours. The children have a large selection of appropriate toys to play with to fit their age and stage of development. We work closely with parents to teach personal, social and emotional development skills via interaction with other children and our practitioners, feeding themselves at mealtimes when ready, they will also receive assistance in becoming toilet trained.


Children have free access to a wide range of activities, offering them learning experiences in all areas of the EYFS.  During play the children socialise with each other and with the practitioners and are able to work on developing a variety of skills.

Self registration will support the children in beginning to recognise the letters of their name.  Each day when your child arrives they will be encouraged to find and place their name on the self registration board. Letters and Sounds is a teaching programme designed to help children understand how the alphabet works for reading and spelling and is delivered through a variety of fun activities.  The activities pave the way for children to make a good start in reading and writing.

Some of our friendly Yeovil Nursery team:

Annalea Davies

Nursery Manager

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