Ofsted say we’re all good at Tops Christchurch!

Staff and children from the latest edition to the Tops Day Nurseries family, Tops Christchurch, are celebrating a GOOD rating from Ofsted following their first ever inspection.


The Ofsted inspection for Tops Christchurch, which opened in the Priory Hall earlier this year, concluded that the nursery is delivering quality and caring provision that meets the needs of all children and ensures children are ready for the next stage of their learning.

Nurseries cannot receive a higher rating during their first Ofsted inspection, which means that the GOOD rating is the best possible outcome for Tops Christchurch. The high standard of care has not gone un-noticed by many parents with children attending the nursery. The report stated “Staff form friendly relationships with parents, who comment positively about the nursery. Staff Liaise with parents and share ideas to help support their child’s specific care and learning needs, including those learning English as an additional language.”

Jenny Hawley, Nursery Manager said “With this inspection being my first in the position of Nursery Manager, words cannot express how proud I am for receiving a GOOD grading. Since we opened in May the support we have received from parents and the local community has been overwhelming; I have a brilliant, strong team working alongside me and wonderful children that make our love for our jobs even greater.”

The Ofsted inspector commented on the children’s communication skills, and reported a conversation that took place about Tops Day Nurseries’ beloved mascot, Marty Mouse. The report noted “Children are confident communicators and use language very well to describe their ideas. For instance, they put their hands into a sand and water mixture and say, ‘My hands are yucky and squidgy’. They talk about a favourite cartoon character, and tell staff how ‘he wears glasses, has big ears, a hat and brown fur’.”

Prior to opening, Tops Christchurch underwent a massive renovation to turn the old Priory Hall into a fit for purpose, 74 place nursery. The spacious nursery is complimented with a large, beautiful garden with multiple areas for children to explore. Parents can benefit from Tops Christchurch’s flexible opening hours, allowing them to book to the nearest 15 minutes, between 6am-8pm Monday to Friday, including bank holidays.

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