Organic September

This September, join us as we raise awareness of the incredible benefits organic living can bring for our climate, nature and our health. In the face of climate change, diet related ill-health and widespread decline in wildlife, the need to change our food systems has never been greater. Organic September is a month-long campaign to raise awareness of the many benefits of organic food and farming.

Things you can do

1. Find organic produce near you

An important aspect of Organic September is to choose more organic produce. Go to your local farmer’s markets, find small-scale producers, and find organic produce near you.

2. Get informed about organic farming

Raising awareness about organic farming is necessary so people know the benefits to themselves and the environment. This Organic September, educate yourself about the benefits of organic farming and tell your friends.

3. Get your community involved

Changing your consumption to choose more organic produce is a great first step, but the more people get involved with Organic September, the merrier. Get your community involved in purchasing organic produce collectively to make things cheaper and easier for everyone.

Why to do it

1. It allows us to trust our food

Regular farming doesn’t give us information about the harmful effects of fertilizer and pesticide residue. This is another reason we love organic produce because we can trust where the food is from and how it’s grown.

2. It helps to stop pollution

Pollution is dangerous, especially agricultural pollution. Organic September encourages us to support farming practices that keep the earth safe for us all.

3. It encourages us to be healthier

Organic food is much better for our overall health. We don’t want to hurt our bodies by eating chemical residue from harmful fertilizers and pesticides.

How we get the children involved

Habits built during the early years can be sustained throughout life so starting them as soon as possible is a good thing.  The capacity of children in the early years to learn is never surpassed again in their lives so never underestimate what they can learn just by watching you role modelling sustainability and by engaging in sustainable activities in a sustainable environment.

Children at Tops Day Nurseries are encouraged to be considerate with their actions by recycling and caring for the environment just as part of everyday play and being in the nursery. We talk about nature and the importance of respect and caring for the environment every day, whether it be through a mud kitchen, bug garden, clearing up after lunch or Tops Forest School. There is a deeply embedded respect for all life, whether human, animal or plant in a sustainable setting, the children and the adults really care about their environment and each other, they are shown and taught empathy.

What we do at Tops Day Nurseries

At Tops Day Nurseries there are many things we do on a day to day basis to ensure we are being environmentally conscious, these include; DIY wet wipes, reusable nappies, natural resources, solar panels, electrical vehicles, eco eggs, home grown herbs and vegetables, Biovation cleaning products, rooms to support brain development, wet bags, intergenerational visits (to care homes) and much more.

So whether you choose Eco Schools or Plastic Free Schools, SchemaPlay, Tops Forest School, or do your own thing, being environmentally friendly is something that every child can easily learn about and practice every day, through appropriately trained and supported practitioners/educators/teachers.

To find out more about what we have done to be sustainable click here.

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