Outside play at Tops Wimborne

At Tops Day Nurseries we understand that children need and want to take some risks when they play. We aim to respond to these needs and interests by offering the children a stimulating and challenging environment where they can explore and learn.

Here at Tops Wimborne, we have a large outdoor area, which is an extension of our outdoor classroom. The garden has many different resources and areas that the children can explore and take controlled risks, such as climbing on different equipment, the mud kitchen and the gardening area.

We believe outdoor play is an essential part of a child’s development. We encourage children to play outside as often as possible and in all weathers, it’s certainly fun in the sun but great when we can splash in puddles!

Some of our favourites within the garden are the tractor tyre obstacle course! Some of the children at Tops Wimborne have expressed their interest in the garden by saying things like:

“I like the climbing Frame! I also like the running races I choose” Henry aged 4

“I like the wood that I can balance on” Jessica Aged 4

“ I like the mud kitchen, and all the things in it” Lilly Aged 3

We provide an area that allows children to take risks, explore and have fun in an outdoor environment. We ensure that the children are appropriately dressed for the seasons and garden, so wellington boots and winter clothing are essentials.

In our safe and secure area children can carry out their own risks assessments in order to identify anything they may pose a risk to children and staff. We think this is important because this teaches children essential skills that they can apply to all aspects of their future life.This is in addition to the staff checks that are carried out daily, children’s safety is paramount here at Tops Day Nurseries, so these checks are completed before children are allowed access to the garden.

Not only does playing outside help children develop the sense of wonder, which is an important motivation for lifelong learning, it will also help develop self-confidence and self-regulation. Children that play outside will have reduced anxiety and stress levels and the fresh air has been proven to improve moods.

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