Outstanding! Tops Day Nursery in Parkstone celebrates highest rating from Ofsted


An ‘Outstanding’ result for Tops Day Nursery in Parkstone has been awarded by Ofsted after a recent inspection.

Staff and children have been celebrating the highest possible rating for all four areas of the nursery based on Herbert Avenue.

According to the Ofsted report, the leadership and management of the provision are outstanding. The manager monitors children’s individual progress and the progress made by groups of children accurately and thoroughly. She ensures appropriate support is put in place swiftly where any gaps in children’s learning are identified.

The report also noted that Tops staff have a deep understanding of how young children learn and teach very skilfully, providing an exceptionally rich, varied environment, indoors and outdoors. Staff are extremely effective in supporting children’s growing understanding of how to keep themselves safe. For example, children know to wear sun hats outside when it is sunny and they check that the outdoor area is safe before they go outside to play.

Cheryl Hadland, founder of Tops Day Nurseries said: “Tops Parkstone was the first ever nursery I opened in 1990, after failing to find suitable childcare for my own children. Tops Day Nurseries is one of the only nursery groups that offer flexible booking which allows parents to book their childcare to the nearest 15 minutes.

I am extremely proud of the staff of Tops Parkstone for achieving this outstanding result. All staff have a secure knowledge and understanding of how young children learn and are passionate and committed to their role, they are a real asset to the Tops Day Nurseries family.”

The Ofsted Inspector said: “Staff have a very strong and highly effective partnerships with parents and other professionals. The manager and staff use an extensive range of methods to ensure parents are fully involved and very well informed about their children’s care and learning.

Children’s behaviour is exemplary. They learn to take turns and play cooperatively. Staff help children to understand about the wider world and to value one another successfully. Children participate in many activities to gain a very good awareness of contrasting communities and others having different backgrounds or beliefs.”


We are pleased to announce all 17 Tops Day Nursery settings are now rated good or outstanding by Ofsted.


We would like to congratulate Tops Parkstone upon receiving their outstanding grade and thank all staff within the Tops Day Nurseries family for the wonderful care they put into practice each day.

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