Project based work in Early Years.

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Project work presents many opportunities for young children’s ideas to be valued, their creativity to be encouraged, their interests to be nurtured, and for their learning needs to be met. By giving them a certain project to work on, it helps encourage children’s curiosity and help them to ask questions, the study of local everyday topics becomes interesting and relevant to them.

Projects can be defined from conversations about everyday topics which are worthy of being included in an educational program. Projects emerge from the questions children raise and develop according to their particular interests.

Activities provided for the children across the Tops Day Nurseries family are stemmed by the children’s interests. Tops Newport have recently created a stage for the children to perform on after discussions about singing, dancing and performing. Children at Tops Bournemouth, based at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital took an interest in doctors and nurses. The role play area was converted into a doctor’s surgery and the children learnt about their bodies and how to keep them healthy.

Project work integrates areas of learning and aspects of child development. It gives children the chance to practice problem solving and critical thinking—skills that build language, math and scientific understanding. Children gain confidence in themselves and their abilities and develops in them the outlook to strive for understanding.

The children across all 17 settings regularly chose topics to learn about including teeth, transport, pouring and animals.

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