Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day falls on the 11th of November every year and is celebrated widely across Britain. Tops Day Nurseries, an eco-friendly and sustainable family of day nurseries, have taken part in a variety of activities for Remembrance Day. In preparation for the day, children from Tops Day Nurseries have been taking part in a number of activities all week to respect our fallen heroes.

Tops have been working hard to teach the children the importance of Remembrance Day through activities and open discussions. Some activities the nurseries took part in included making their own poppies using paint and playdough, planting poppy seeds, taking part in a 2-minute silence and baking sugar-free poppies!

“It is so important to teach the children about Remembrance Day because it is one of the most important days in our history and it helps them to understand the world around them.”

Tops Nursery Manager

What we did at our nurseries

Stonehouse Investigators have been practising their fine motor skills and making their own poppies with coloured playdough. They have been creating some lovely representations of Poppies.

At Salisbury this week the children have been learning all about the poppy and why we wear poppies for remembrance. To support the children’s understanding we read a story about Remembrance Day and why we celebrate those that gave their all. 

Christchurch pre-school are continuing to learn about remembrance day through understanding the importance of the poppy and why we wear them. The children had the opportunity to create their own poppies using a range of materials.

Corfe Mullen has created seed paper poppies to plant next spring, the seed mix contains a variety of beautiful wildflowers including poppies. We can’t wait to see all of your amazing mini wild garden photos next spring.

Fawley explorers enjoyed painting poppies using red and black paint and we discussed with the explorers what colours the paints were. The painting helped the explorers to develop fine motor skills and an understanding of colour.

Portsmouth today all the children and staff took part in a 2-minute silence for Remembrance Day! During the week the children have been making sugar-free poppy biscuits to commemorate Remembrance Day. Whilst baking we discussed with the children the day’s importance and why they might see people wearing poppies.

Across all 32 Tops Day Nurseries, the children learn and respect British Values. We are extremely proud of the respect and empathy showed by the children in all nurseries, and the interest they showed in learning more about the reason behind Remembrance Day.

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