Respectful Care at Tops

Respect is ‘Treating with consideration’. The respectful care approach was practiced by Dr Emmi Pikler in 1946. There are 3 key principles to respectful care which underpin everything we do at Tops Day Nurseries:-

Primary Care Giving

It’s about a whole centred approach where teachers are tuned into the children and respect that caregiving is part of the curriculum. Gone are the days when we did conveyor belt nappy changes and children were put to sleep like a military operation. Today, our teachers are unhurried, calm and respect the fact that these care giving times are wonderful learning opportunities for the children.

It’s about respect! How frustrating is it when you’re in the middle of reading the children a story and another teacher comes over and interrupts you to tell you who’s going on their lunch break first. That can wait! – What’s important at that time is the children’s anticipation of what’s happening next in the story and their engagement. You wouldn’t interrupt a colleague in the middle of a presentation for something non urgent – so why do we feel it’s ok to do it to children? Try and pick your moments.

It’s not about always being there, as children need time to independently play and explore, it’s about focusing on respectful, uninterrupted times in the best interests of the children.

Freedom of Movement

The first rule – never put a child into a position that they cannot get into or out of themselves. If children are stood or sat before their muscles have developed, this can be more detrimental to their physical development.

This approach focuses on caregivers avoiding interfering with children’s physical development. Children will never learn to climb if you always pick them up and put them at the top of the ladder or climbing frame.

At Tops Day Nurseries we do not ‘contain’ children. You will never find a bumbo, rocker or walker in any of our settings. These pieces of equipment serve no educational value for the children and restrict their natural movement. If young children are contained how are they going to learn to roll, crawl, stand and walk?

Respect for infants’ confidence and competence

It’s about giving children time to respond and being available to offer support, but resisting the urge to interfere.

At Tops Day Nurseries, our teachers ask the children if they can change their nappy, wipe their nose, pick them up or clean their face. You wouldn’t just walk up to another adult and place a wet flannel on their face to clean it if it was dirty – so why do some people do this to children?

For us, it’s about speaking to the children respectfully, as you would speak to another colleague. As the Operations Director for Tops Day Nurseries I have a strong belief in this approach and promote it within our day to day practice. Any new college to Tops Day Nurseries receives a 4 day Tops induction, where they are specifically trained on our respectful care approach. This approach underpins many of our policies and procedures and also forms part of our Tops Teacher assessment (You can read more about this here).

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