Revamping Our Tops Wareham Nursery Garden: A Place of Fun and Learning

At Tops Wareham, we always strive to create an environment that fosters creativity, exploration, and learning for our little ones. As part of our continuous efforts to enhance the nursery experience, we are excited to share the recent makeover of our garden. With new additions and thoughtful designs, our outdoor space has been transformed into a haven of adventure and discovery. Let’s take a closer look at the fantastic features that now make our nursery garden an even more delightful place for our children to play and learn.

Astro Turf and Levelled Garden:
The foundation of any great outdoor space is a safe and inviting surface. We’ve laid down new astro turf to provide a soft and comfortable area for the children to explore and play. The entire garden has been levelled out, ensuring a hazard-free environment that encourages endless adventures.

Explorers Garden:
Our newly christened “Explorers Garden” is a shaded area dedicated to sparking curiosity and imagination. It features a mark-making area, where young artists can unleash their creativity, and a sandbox that offers endless possibilities for sandcastle-building and sensory exploration. We’ve also set up a cozy book corner to encourage a love for reading from a young age. In addition, sensory blocks and a soon-to-be sensory wall will engage the children’s senses and enhance their cognitive development.

Growing Area and Sustainability:

We believe in teaching our children the importance of sustainability and where their food comes from. Our growing area boasts a flourishing vegetable patch, complete with a bug hotel, hedgehog house, and composter. The fresh produce harvested from this garden is incorporated into our cooking school and served as nutritious snacks, instilling healthy eating habits from the start.

Benched Reading Area:

Reading is a gateway to knowledge and imagination. Our newly installed benched reading area provides a peaceful oasis where children can delve into captivating stories and expand their horizons through books.

Mud Kitchen with Herb Garden:

Mud kitchens are a favorite among young adventurers, promoting imaginative play and sensory development. Adjacent to our mud kitchen, we’ve created a “Grow Your Own” herb garden. Children can watch the herbs grow.

Music Wall:

Music is a universal language that sparks joy and creativity. Our garden now boasts a vibrant music wall, allowing children to experiment with sounds and rhythms, fostering a love for music and self-expression.

Physical Play Area:

Physical activity is crucial for the development of gross motor skills. Our bark-covered area provides the perfect playground for children to climb, balance, and challenge themselves physically, building strength and coordination.

We are delighted to see our nursery garden transform into a magical space for play and learning. Every element has been carefully designed to promote exploration, creativity, and sustainability, providing endless opportunities for growth and development. At Tops Fawley, we are committed to nurturing the minds and hearts of our little ones, and our revamped garden is just one more step towards achieving that goal. We can’t wait to see the joy and wonder on the faces of our children as they explore this beautiful new space!

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