Ricotta Mac and Cheese Recipe

Take a look at our new Ricotta Mac and Cheese Recipe, a delicious vegetarian meal that contains all the nutrients your little one needs!


  • Macaroni Pasta Knorr 200g
  • Peas 500g
  • Potatoes Sweet 500g
  • Garlic Bulb 2g
  • Mild Cheddar Grated 100g
  • Semi Skimmed Milk 1000ml
  • Cornflour 100g
  • Ricotta Cheese 150g
  • Cauliflower (Large) 200g
  • Oregano Dried 10g


Step one:

Cook the pasta in boiling water until tender. Refresh and drain, leaving to one side for later use.

Step two:

Add a little olive oil to a thick bottomed pan and add the cauliflower and sweet potato. Caramelise in the pan until golden and nutty in flavour. Next add the milk and gently heat so not to scold the milk. Thicken the milk with cornflour to create a sauce.

Step three:

Add the pasta to the the sauce along with the oregano, cheddar, pea and ricotta and ensure everything is well mixed.

Step four:

Place your macaroni cheese mixture in dishes and top with cheddar. Gratinate in the oven until golden brown and then.


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