Rita Pooles visits Tops Winchester for National Storytelling Week

Tops Winchester marked National Storytelling Week with a special visit from local author Rita Pooles, creating a magical experience for preschoolers. Rita shared her enchanting story, “Princess I Want,” sparking lively discussions with the children.

Tops Winchester actively seeks opportunities to promote reading among children. Inviting local author Rita Pooles during National Storytelling Week aims to foster a love for reading early on. Reading boosts brain development, language skills, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and emotional understanding. This aligns with our commitment to creating a supportive, enriching environment for lifelong learning and academic success.

Here some of the insights from the Tops Winchester Team and Rita Pooles herself:

Welcoming Rita to our Nursery for National Storytelling Week was a delightful experience. Her wonderful story captured the attention of our Preschool children, who actively engaged by asking and answering questions. Rita’s kindness and care shone through as she took the time to interact with the children, discussing her book and creating a memorable and enriching experience. We are sincerely grateful to her for generously sharing her time and talents with us.

Kayleigh Moss, Nursery Manager at Tops Winchester
Rita Pooles

I was excited to be asked to read my book ‘Princess I Want and the Red Bike’ to the preschool children on Monday at Tops Nursery in Winchester as part of National Storytelling Week. The staff were all very supportive, and there were 19 eager little faces all looking up at me waiting for me to start. They were very well behaved, listened, and joined in when I asked them questions. I hope they enjoyed the story about a little girl who wants everything she sees and who had to realise that she should be more satisfied with what she has instead. I gave them all a copy of my book to take away so they could look at the pictures and have it read to them at home too. One little boy asked me afterwards how old I was, so I suggested he guess. He had a think and then came up with ‘Twelve,’ but before I could start to feel smug about his answer, another came up with ‘One hundred.’ It was so lovely to be able to read to them and interact, but at that point, I thought it best to go home! Thank you, Tops Day Nurseries, for giving me this opportunity.

Rita Pooles, Local Author

Tops Winchester is part of Tops Day Nurseries, a sustainable nursery chain with over 30 locations across the South and Southwest. At Tops Winchester, we provide flexible early education and care services for children aged 3 months to school age, ensuring a nurturing environment for their growth and development.

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