Tops Newport’s role play café open for business


12495099_1051548548221286_310911224416456441_nAs we approach the warmer weather, Tops Day Nursery based at the Isle Of Wight College have been preparing for the spring with a range of fabulous activities for the children.

The role play area in the Pre-school room has been transformed into the Pre-school Garden Centre and Café, with a flower delivery service. The staff converted the role play shop into a centre filled with fresh fruit and daffodils, alongside a café with menu boards and price lists. Plant pots were placed in a basket attached to the front of a tricycle so the children could take turns delivering flowers to their friends in the Pre-school room. As well as role play, the same themed sensory play area was set up where children could scoop soil into pots or transition them from pot to pot.

At Tops Day Nurseries, we provide children with the opportunity to develop their imagination. In order to12931136_1051550248221116_8417754385217769119_n accomplish this we have designated role play areas to support the children’s need to explore their real life or imaginary worlds. Imaginative play not only aids intellectual development but also improves children’s social skills and their creativity.

Due to the hard work and dedication from the wonderful staff at Tops Newport, the garden has been completely renovated to include a pallet chalkboard table with multiple usages, and they have incorporated natural resources to enhance mathematics. A construction area has also been created, as well as a mark making area, a cosy area, a maths area and a growing patch for the children to use. The children have enjoyed using the garden’s new writing area. The mark making unit is always available in the garden for the children to use, with lots of different resources to choose from.

Play areaWe encourage children to play outside as often as possible and in all weathers, it’s certainly fun in the sun but great when we can splash in puddles!

Not only does playing outside help children develop the sense of wonder, which is an important motivation for lifelong learning, it will also help develop self-confidence and self-regulation. Children that play outside will have reduced anxiety and stress levels and the fresh air has been proven to improve moods.

If you would like to visit Tops Newport or find your local Tops Day Nursery, please click here.

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