SchemaPlay at nursery narrows developmental gap

At Tops Day Nurseries our aim is for all children to meet or exceed expected development for their age. We are implementing ‘SchemaPlay’ across all of our settings to help narrow the gap for any children showing signs of delay and to also enhance the learning experiences for all children that attend our settings.

Does your child like enclosing themselves in boxes or hiding under blankets? Do they often transport things from one place to another or seem fascinated with filling and emptying containers? These are all normal behaviours / action schemes that children apply in their play and we can use these schemes to enhance the children’s learning and development.  

All children also have interests / schemas, perhaps dinosaurs, animals, princesses, superhero’s and combining our knowledge of child development, their schemas with their schemes and a bond with their key workers is how Tops children develop so well. 

SchemaPlay is a pedagogy, a style of teaching. It is a way of delivering early years education by tuning into children’s current interests and schemes and using these to plan suitable activities to enhance children’s learning and development.

This means that at Tops Day Nurseries you can be rest assured that we will be planning exciting and challenging experiences that your child will be interested in, which in turn will be stimulating their learning to help them grow and develop.

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