Shadow Drawing Activity

With this glorious sunshine we have been gifted with ☀️…
Here is a wonderful activity you can do with your little ones which has proved extremely popular across the Tops Family.

Drawing with light and shadow is such an easy, fun activity.

Shadow drawing helps children to recognise and understand several important concepts in physics. By tracing around their chosen objects, children may start to notice that as the sun moves, the shadow moves too.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to create a wonderful learning experience for your child and enhance this by prompting questions and encouraging children to become more inquisitive about the activity.

Example questions:

Do the shadows stay the same? How do they change with time?
Are the shadows larger, the same size or smaller than the object?
When you rotate the object, what happens to the shadows?


Light travels in a straight line (as far as our eyes can tell) until it hits an object.

When an object is placed in the light’s path, the part of the light that reaches the object will be blocked while the rest of the light keeps going.

The blocked part becomes a shadow on another object (in this case, the paper).

Are you thinking about trying this activity? We would love to see your pictures!

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