Solar Panels for Home Use

Here at Tops, we pride ourselves on being as sustainable as possible, that’s why we have installed solar panels on most of our settings. And with electricity costs rising, solar panels are becoming more and more popular. So why not have them installed on your home?

What are the requirements for having solar panels on your house?

Anyone interested in installing solar panels would ideally need to own their own home and not be planning to move house in the near future. Your roof also needs to be facing in roughly the right direction – south facing is best. Roofs facing further east or west may not produce the same amount solar energy, however there will not be a significant difference. The roof also needs to be strong enough to support the installation, and not be subjected to large amounts of shade, from either nearby buildings or trees.

Why have solar panels installed? What are the benefits?

It is estimated that the cost of electricity will rise to 45p per kWh by 1st October 2022, and Government experts believe most people can replace up to 50% of their energy usage with solar energy. So how can solar panels keep your costs low?

A 4kWh solar panel system will, on average, generate 4000 kWh of electricity per year, costing approx. 6p per kWh. If you multiply that by the average system lifetime, which is 25 years, you can expect your solar panels to produce around 95,000 kWh of electricity every year. This could save you up to £550 per year (£8,250 per year). The older your solar panel system gets, the more the electricity output will deteriorate. However, you are still guaranteed at least 80% efficiency at the end of it’s life.

What can you do with your excess energy?

During the summer months, the system will produce more energy than you will be able to use, but you will still need to use energy from the Grid to power appliances left on standby, such as fridges and freezers, overnight when the panels won’t be producing energy. Any unused energy can then be sold back to the Grid.

What else can be used with your solar panel system?

There are a number of accessories available that can be used with your solar panel system, such as electric vehicle chargers and hot water systems. These are great ways for you to save money and to help get the most out of your solar panels.

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