Staying Active and Making Long Term Changes

In order to stay active and make long term changes you need to be motivated and make the changes enjoyable. There are many benefits to leading an active lifestyle such as improving energy, mood and physical appearance alongside the decreased risk of health conditions and there are steps to ensure that these changes are long term.

Set goals!

In order to keep focused and motivated you need to have a target or goal in mind that is personal to you. If you don’t set yourself goals then the focus can easily be lost. Goals can be set on a daily basis i.e. complete 30 minutes of exercise. Or they can be set long term i.e. achieve a 30 miles walking this week.

Make the activity fun and enjoyable

You will never make long term changes if the enjoyment aspect is not there. Pick an activity which is social and fun or that you are motivated to achieve. If you start to get bored with your choice then try something new.

Plan ahead

Having time to fit activity and exercise into the daily routine is often the cause of reduced activity levels. If you spend time to plan your week ahead and fit 10-20 minute slots of activity in then you will receive the benefits without feeling like you have lost time from the day.

Chose the active options

Continue to be active long term by always choosing the stairs over lifts and walking when transport is not necessary.

Record it

Write down your goal on a post it note and stick it on your fridge to remind you why you chose to lead an active lifestyle. You could also record your progress in an activity diary.

Encourage others

Encourage others such as friends, family or colleagues to join you during your regular exercise session to provide you with the support and motivation to continue.

For more ideas on how to get active and stay active then download the British Heart Foundation booklet  and more information on keeping the family active is available at

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